The dialogue

Presented by Mary Jane Miller and Valentín Gómez

Step through the door where we all participate and learn from the oneness we all hold common.

Many of you know ”The Dialogue for World Peace" is a beautiful visual history exhibit, created for meditation and prayer which encourages humanity from all religions and beliefs to break free from what divides us. Its aim is to align our thinking with that of great teachers and philosophers promoting peace on earth and the idea we are all one. This modern art iconostasis installation needs to be seen and directly experienced for its valuable messages to be received. Now is the time!

The Dialogue samples cultures from around the world and their respective spiritual teachings. Seventeen paintings of Gods and Goddesses are at the top, followed by ten paintings of master teachers. Forty prayer wheels rotate in forty different languages, saying “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Lastly, 70 archetypal symbols flank three ascending steps to a doorway. Above this central doorway sits the portrait of our beloved planet earth.


Why as an Iconostasis?

The classic architectural iconostasis found in the Orthodox Church of Western Europe, is a wall covered by icons, created to separate the Sanctuary from the Nave. The Dialogue is a new iconostasis, a beautiful visual history, created for modern meditation and prayer, encouraging humanity to break free from what divides us.


I ask for your Support

Help this message for peace gain the exposure needed to attract a benefactor so it can be acquired and exhibited for years to come. You can be part of bringing this important work of art to the world.

We appreciate and value the encouragement, all comments welcome, it represents your shared desire for a more peaceful world for us all!






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